Nano Liquid Phone Screen Protector Kit

Protect your phone with MILITARY GRADE Nano Liquid Technology!

The Nano Liquid Phone Screen Protector Set is made of military-grade nano liquid which creates an ultra thin invisible protective coating on your gadgets' screen.
Easy application! Simple drop and dry to form a transparent nano layer film. The Nano Liquid adheres to glass, plastic, metal, etc to create an invisible protective shield over your device!
The Nano Liquid provide full protective coverage protection to your gadgets with EXTREME hardness, water-resistance, scratch-resistance and high-definition clarityNo more air bubbles from cheap screen covers!
This is the PERFECT opportunity to replace your outdated/cheap glass screen protector with NEW TECHNOLOGY! 


  • Water, oil, dirt and dust resistant
  • Anti-microbial and anti-corrsion  
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Liquid form is applicable to all kinds of screens including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, camera lens and even glasses with edge-to-edge full coverage
  • User-friendly: Nano liquid ensures there is no bubbling, full protection, and no glue stains from cheap glass protectors
  • Stickiness-free! No harm to your screen, no impact on 3D touching and fingerprint/ face recognition
  • Reduces finger marks and makes screen surface smoother
  • Invisible-like coating maintains appearance of phone base materials
  • Increases touch screen sensitivity

  1. Use wet cloth to clean the whole front screen
  2. Drop nano liquid on the screen and use dry cloth to spread it evenly
  3. Wait for 10 minutes until nano liquid dry completely (DO NOT drop any water or make fingerprint on it in the drying process)
  4. Use a wiping cloth to clean and polish screen surface. Avoid dropping water on screen within 24 hours

  • Material: Military-grade Nano Liquid
  • Volume: 1ml

  • 1 x Nano Liquid Phone Screen Protector
  • 2 x Wet Cloth
  • 2 x Dry Cloth


  • For phones less than 6 inches ,1 bottle is recommended
  • For phones more than 6 inches , 2 bottles are recommended (e.g. iPhone 6, Plus 7, S8) 
  • For more than 10 inch (e.g. tablet), 3 bottle are recommended

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